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becca. 21, college student. i'm studying to be a special ed teacher, but my dream job would be singing for band-aid commercials. i live in bethlehem, but my heart belongs to kutztown always & forever. even though i love it, i want to get the fuck out of here and see the world. i mostly reblog random things, like puppies and food and other sorts of lovely little tidbits. (yeah, i just said tidbits. twice now.) i love vintage things, anything batman, reading books, coffee mugs as big as my face, piercings, tattoos, fake mustaches, shoes and old movies on rainy days. i always follow back and i love getting random questions :) feel free to explore!

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God damn.

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I was mucking around with Audacity, listening to songs in reverse. For the fun of it, I put on everyone’s favorite song, Blurred Lines. And shockingly, I heard something I had never expected to hear. Robin Thicke was fooling us this whole time. He wasn’t trying to be misogynistic, he wanted us to listen closer to the song and understand that he in fact does believe his lady partner needs to be treated with the utmost respect.

You might find it VERY hard to believe, but I implore you to listen very closely (with headphones if you can, because it can be hard to hear). The message I’m talking about comes in around the 30 second mark.

After the 30sec mark I just kind of stared at my wall for the rest of the song trying to accept what I just heard.



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my uncle used to be one of those people who drove dead people to cemeteries and such 

then he became a taxi driver and the person he was driving tapped his shoulder to ask a question and my uncle screamed really loud


I’m sure that’s what he thought.

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(by n.states)


(by n.states)

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So I decided to get 4 tattoos during my time in Arizona. Couldn’t be happier with my beautiful additions, all done at Southern Arizona tattoo by Shortie and Oliver.

Progress photos for this week! I love how muscley my thighs have gotten, my arms are getting to where I want them to be and I’m working on my abs too.




The Fall Soldier

whoa there satan




The Fall Soldier

whoa there satan

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A haiku

You are so so so

so so so so so so so

so cute touch my butt

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